WEBINAR: Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience | Water in the Oil & Gas Sector


Climate change has become a reality; 2016 was recorded as the hottest year on record globally and 16 of the hottest 17 years ever recorded have occurred since 2000. What’s more, failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation was identified as the global risk with the greatest potential impact in 2016 - impacts of water crises ranked third.  

Since 1997, the number of climate change laws and policies has doubled every 5 years.  Oil and gas operators need to ensure they’re building resilience into their assets and operations to ensure business continuity and investor confidence. 

Presented on behalf of IPIECA – the oil and gas industry’s voice for environmental and social issues – Advisian’s James Assem and Clare Winter, in conjunction with Dr. Richenda Connell of Acclimatise, delivered the webinar: Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience – Implications for Water in the Oil and Gas Sector.

The webinar discussed the drivers behind resilience and adaptation in water management and the key principles in planning for adaptation.  It demonstrated several best practice case studies (across multiple sectors) which use a variety of adaptation measures, such as ecosystem based adaptation, engineering solutions and operational changes.

The webinar is intended to stimulate discussion to help inform future work streams on adaptation for IPIECA. 

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Mike Lelliott | Practice Lead Water Solutions

Dr Richenda Connell | CTO