Project Background

The Australia Pacific LNG Project is a CSG to LNG joint venture partnership between Origin, ConocoPhillips and Sinopec, and is the largest producer of coal seam gas (CSG) in Australia.

In order to obtain State Government project development approvals, Australia Pacific LNG was required to develop an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), including a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Social Impact Management Plan (SIMP).

As public documents, the SIA and SIMP needed to demonstrate that Australia Pacific LNG could reasonably manage all potential impacts, and maximize on the opportunities, arising as a result of the development, to contribute to increasing local skills and boosting regional economies.

Our Services

Social Impact Management Plan
  • Developed a SIMP that included strategies for:
    • Local content
    • Workforce and training
    • Housing and accommodation
    • Community investment and engagement
    • Health and safety
  • Subsequently developed SIMP monitoring and reporting programs and tools
  • Developed an initial draft stakeholder engagement plan
  • Assisted in the implementation of engagement activities and engaged with over 6000 people during the approvals process
  • Supported the establishment of an educational community center in Gladstone
  • Continued engagement assistance during initial downstream construction phase
Stakeholder Engagement

A key challenge that was overcome during the stakeholder engagement process was community consultation fatigue from working in an environment of four major CSG/LNG projects. The project received positive feedback for engagement efforts from government, lobby groups and community stakeholders.

Key Outcomes

Commended by Queensland Deputy Premier for delivering one of the first SIMP’s under draft QLD Legislations:

This APLNG Social Impact Management Plan is a very good example of where project proponents can develop and implement best practice approaches to manage the impacts of major projects.” – Jeff Seeney, Queensland Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure & Planning.