When complete, the $6 billion precinct, funded by private sector investment, will include an iconic landscaped Headland Park, spectacular public waterfront walks and parks, shops, cafes and restaurants, world class commercial office towers and apartments, all serviced by new and extended transport systems. It is also set to become Sydney’s new financial services hub for Australia and the Asia Pacific. 

Advisian’s scope of services 

Advisian is advising on four critically important aspects of the Barangaroo Precinct: 
  • The Headland Park which is the centrepiece in the transformation of the precinct and will be an iconic park at the northern end of the development. The naturalistic parkland will reinforce and complement the existing headland parks of Sydney Harbour, such as Goat Island, Ballast Point and Balls Head. The Headland Park will also incorporate the significant new cultural facility within the headland for the benefit of the people of Sydney.
  • Barangaroo Central, the future mixed-used precinct of the Barangaroo development potentially incorporating residential, commercial, retail and cultural facilities. Advisian is assisting in the delivery of an interim domain while the long-term planning and procurement of this area is undertaken. 
  • Wynyard Walk, the pedestrian link to Wynyard Station and the CBD 
  • the relocation of the overseas passenger terminal to White Bay.

Advisian’s role

Advisian was appointed by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority on a four-year term to manage many aspects of the planning, development, design, procurement, construction and commissioning of the works. This important urban and social infrastructure opportunity followed a number of successful staff secondments into the Authority’s Headland Park team during the preliminary project development phase.

Advisian’s services included: 

  • providing specialist advice and technical input on all matters relating to the identification and assessment of procurement and delivery strategies 
  • advising on the construction contract and commercial risk allocations within a complex environment of multiple stakeholder liabilities 
  • advising on construction requirements and community impacts and ensuring construction methodologies are capable of delivering a safe outcome and effectively mitigate environmental and community impacts 
  • contract management of the tier one early works contractor engaged to design and construct the initial phase of the high profile Headland Park project under significant environmental and community exposure 
  • managing and facilitating value management activities and value engineering workshops across a range of engineering and architectural disciplines during the design phase to ensure that the best value for money outcome is being progressed 
  • providing expert advisors to the procurement evaluation teams, including commercial, technical and constructability advice 
  • managing a complex matrix of environmental responsibilities and project approval requirements, adjacent to one of the world’s most spectacular harbours 
  • developing high profile Early Works and Main Works request for tender documentation and a tender assessment framework including tender preparation, process management, evaluation facilitation, tenderer negotiation and contract execution
  • contract management of the tier one main works contractor engaged to design and construct the headland park under significant environmental and community exposure 
  • developing and implementing multiple key stakeholder interface agreements 
  • strategic procurement, planning and programming of the complex underground pedestrian connection through to Wynyard Station and the Sydney CBD 
  • project management support for the relocation of existing overseas passenger shipping terminal and construction of the new terminal in White Bay so that work can commence at the proposed Northern Cove and Barangaroo Central 
  • strategic advice on the procurement and delivery of Barangaroo Central which led to the inclusion of the interim public domain on the Central site being successfully designed and procured within the Main Works Contractor’s scope. 


The results to date (mid 2012) include the: 

  • successful procurement of several key early works packages, including procurement of tier one early works contractor at Headland Park within extremely challenging timescales 
  • successful contract management of the early work construction contract involving a range of significant scope changes set in a challenging political landscape and exposed to close public scrutiny 
  • successful procurement of a tier one contractor to deliver the Headland Park main works including Central within budget and time constraints to a high level of quality.

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