The Government of Mongolia sought to substantially increase GDP and living standards through the development of its significant mineral resources. 

Working closely with representatives from key Government departments, the team identified the extent of existing resources, their magnitude, options for downstream processing and potential product markets. Financial modelling was undertaken to assess product options and markets. The impacts of developing each resource were also considered with respect to social, environmental and support infrastructure. A key driver for the strategy was to increase the GDP of Mongolia and, through this, the standard of living for Mongolians.

From these assessments, a road map of critical tasks and activities for developing of these resources was produced. The road map identified the legislative and policy changes required to facilitate the proposed development paths for each resource, as well as identifying timelines for the development and supporting infrastructure.

In total over US$30bn of downstream processing, power and infrastructure was defined, as well as a series of government strategies, policy reforms and changes to the regulatory framework which would enable them to deliver the national development blueprint.

The Mongolian Government is now well positioned to guide the future of its strategic resources and realise its development goals.