Project Background

The Highwood River passes through and along the northern edge of the Town of High River, and is prone to sudden and severe flooding from snow melts and spring rainstorms. Significant areas of the Town of High River lie within the floodway and the town has been flooded regularly since it was founded.

Our Services

Given the long history of flooding, Advisian was engaged by the town to prepare a Flood Management Master Plan (FMMP) and to undertake additional studies to support its preparation. To deliver the project successfully, our water consultants:

  • Developed a detailed Flood Delineation (FD) which included a working river model of flood mapping
  • Characterized risk and assessed risk management alternatives through a Flood Risk Management Assessment (FRMA)
  • Developed the FMMP based upon the results of the FD and FRMA.

Activities undertaken to support the project included:

  • Data compilation
  • Development of a two-dimensional model for determining the flood risk area and assessing management/development options
  • Defining rigorous flood hazard category areas in relation to existing development
  • Identification of potential new development within flooding areas to identify development limits
  • Assessment of individual and cumulative impacts of proposed management measures for existing and potential future development areas from social, environmental, land use, flood response and cultural perspectives (including a cost-benefit analysis)
  • Updating flood risk management policy for the project area


A program and schedule for the FMMP implementation were established and a plan was provided that could be adopted (and updated) by the Town for current and future flood management.