Our Services

Our water consultants were engaged by BP to provide a total water solution (TWS) for the project, addressing all infrastructure and water processes needed, including the ongoing drilling program and gathering system development. Water systems are required for the operations base, residential complex, drilling support/logistics base, drilling camps, contractor compounds, process water, sewage treatment, waste handling area, and produced water management.

We led the appraisal, selection and FEED work for the water management aspects of the project, including:

  • Developing a water system basis of design
  • Options appraisal and evaluation
  • Technical reviews including specialist studies (water supply modeling, treatment technology class evaluations, brine management and disposal, and water compatibility modeling at point of mixing)
  • FEED for raw water systems, borefield design, pipeline networks, storage and pumping and produced water treatment and management as well as early-works water management system
  • Technical and economic optimization of all the above including water efficiency reviews and contractor management plans
  • Water optimization and efficiency studies
  • Water Management and Monitoring Plan
  • Produced Water Management and RO Reject Brine Management