Line 1 became operational in September 2005 after five years of construction. In May 2010, the south extension of Line 1 and the new metro Line 2 became operational. Line 2 was constructed in 36 months and has been designed to serve 500,000 passengers a day. 

Line 3 broke ground in January 2010. The 14.4km extension to Line 1 westwards across the Yangtze River is also underway and will have eight new stations. 

Nanjing currently has 85km of metro rail network, with plans to increase this to 600km - comprising 17 rail lines - by 2030. 

Advisian’s role 

Advisian provided Nanjing Metro with geotechnical risk control during tunnelling. We were initially approached to analyse the situation and advised them on preventative strategies after a tunnel collapse. 

On completion of the line, we were engaged by Nanjing Metro Corporation to provide advice on a communications based train control (CBTC) system commissioning strategy and assistance in CBTC commissioning. Services included: 

  • Risk assessment and management 
  • Failure Mode Analysis & Prediction 
  • System Interface management 
  • Test plan assessment 
  • Test and commissioning support 
  • Witnessing critical testing procedures 
  • Technical consulting and support 

Working with rail technical experts from parent company WorleyParsons, Advisian reviewed the approach to the project, submitting its operational readiness report to a peer review group which consisted of rail experts from Beijing Metro, Shanghai Metro and Guangzhou Metro. 

Since the line opened in May 2010, Advisian has completed a reliability assessment of the line’s operation since it has opened - how well the system works and how reliable the system is.


On Nanjing Line 2, the commissioning time available was only 3 months, compared to the eight to nine months normally required for wireless train control systems. With our help, the client has achieved a record time in commissioning a complex metro rail system which involved cutting edge technology. 

In July 2010 Advisian signed a memorandum of understanding with Nanjing Metro Consulting Company to provide consulting services to other cities across China developing metros. Around 2,000 kilometres of metro is planned. 

Nanjing Metro Consulting Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanjing Metro Company, which is one of the leading metro companies in China. Apart from consulting to its parent company, Nanjing Metro Consulting Company also provides services to other cities. 

Their operational experience combined with Advisian’s capabilities in world’s best practices offered a unique value proposition and a very good competitive edge in China.

Providing risk management and commissioning advice for Nanjing Metro line 2