Project Background

Our consultants have assisted the Government of Alberta since 2007 in meeting the challenge of cumulative effects groundwater management in the Athabasca Oil Sands (AOS) area. A Lower Athabasca Groundwater Management Framework (GMF) was developed outlining the approach to identify and manage potential cumulative environmental effects of oil sands activities and other related disturbances in the AOS region on the subsurface environment.

Our Services

The GMF is predicated on the integration of decision-support tools and processes including modeling, monitoring, and management. Our consultants played an integral role in the development of these support tools through several studies including:

  • A regional Groundwater Quality Study and Monitoring Network Design for the AOS Region
  • Groundwater vulnerability study for the AOS region
  • Conceptual and numerical groundwater model development for South AOS in-situ area (two Phases)
  • Conceptual and numerical groundwater model development for North AOS mineable area


These studies have been conducted in consultation with the major oil sands operators, external technical experts and Government of Alberta departments, to formulate and gain acceptance for the projects. The work conducted is a successful example of integration between consultants, government, stakeholders and external experts.