On behalf of four State Government treasuries, the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance decided to investigate the Value for Money proposition provided to government through project alliancing, and how Value for Money could be enhanced in the alliance delivery method.

We partnered with the University of Melbourne to conduct a ground-breaking study of 14 of the largest projects delivered using alliance contracting in Australia. By far the largest research project of its kind in Australia, In pursuit of additional value - A benchmarking study into alliancing in the Australian public sector earned international attention for its rigour and practical recommendations.

The study underpinned new Victorian government policy and strategy on alliance contracting and was the catalyst for the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance Practitioner’s Guide to Alliancing which was used as the basis for the current Commonwealth Government National Alliance Contracting Guidelines.

As a result of this work, we worked with the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance to prepare a Guidance Note on the development of target outturn costs in alliance contracts.