The Situation

Operational practice at the client’s alumina refinery is to use hoses on washer underflow to assist with pumping performance. The practice was recognised as having a cost to the business but was perceived to be required due to the condition of the equipment and nature of the slurry being pumped.   

The approach to managing hose water usage was ad hoc and was not being effectively monitored.


Under the umbrella of a broad refinery wide technical service agreement Advisian identified this practice as an opportunity for improvement.

Advisian quantified the extent of hose usage and reported the business impact to site leadership.  

With the support of site leadership, Advisian and the client’s process team then embarked on a program to minimise the washer underflow hose usage. 

Our Solution

Key people were interviewed to understand the historical uses of hoses at the site.

The business value of reducing hose usage was highlighted to engage employees in efforts to reduce usage. Previously used procedures and operating routines were reviewed, updated and successfully tested for their effectiveness.  

Delivered performance exceeded expectations (approx. USD $0.75M per annum benefit) which enabled Advisian to award a recognition trophy for those involved in the project. The improvements were being sustained when audited six months after implementation. Client feedback was overwhelmingly positive.