Specialist expertise to meet the challenges of field development in uncertain and demanding environments, from conventional oil and gas through to unconventional resources such as shale, tight oil and coal seam gas

Advisian has supported oil and gas field developments in some of the most remote areas around the world, from the steppes of central Asia to the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Australia. We have assisted with the design and construction of hundreds of gas processing plants globally, and have achieved substantial cost savings for our clients.

Our consultants provide an end-to-end service for upstream onshore developments. Clients call on us to support greenfield and brownfield projects across all phases of development and a wide range of processes to maximize returns, increase productivity and improve performance.

 Our specialist consultants have extensive experience across the hydrocarbon spectrum that helps address the tough challenges currently faced by our clients:

  • Arctic and cold climates
  • Infrastructure development in remote and isolated locations
  • Water sourcing, management and disposal
  • Sequestration of contaminants and carbon dioxide
  • Thermal recovery techniques
  • Field exploitation such as water injection
  • Transportation, logistics and supply chain management