Strategic solutions and technical innovations to address the challenges posed by water scarcity and increasing competition for available resources around the world

Advisian’s water specialists provide solutions that address the whole water lifecycle from resource assessment and management to treatment and reuse. We have in-depth knowledge of a broad spectrum of water infrastructure, technologies, sciences and applications, including urban and industrial settings, remote and isolated environments and resource sector developments.

In the context of increasing competition and climate change uncertainty, Advisian can provide the expertise and vision to create sustainable solutions for water management. Our services in engineering sciences, water valuation and integrated technical solutions enable our clients to make informed investment decisions.

Our service offering includes:

  • Water resource assessments, monitoring and modeling (surface and groundwater)
  • Flood risk mitigation and climate change management
  • Major water infrastructure (desalination, water and wastewater treatment, pipelines)
  • Water storage, reuse and disposal
  • Operational efficiency and footprint reduction
  • Water accounting and water trading