Around the world, the public and private sectors invest vast sums of money each year on new or replacement assets. With so much demand for capital investment it is essential that projects, programs and portfolios achieve their objectives and deliver the anticipated service requirements.

Advisian works with our clients to scope, plan, identify risks, and demonstrate how a project or initiative aligns with an organisation’s priorities.

Because business case preparation can be a complex and often costly task, we take the time to understand our clients’ priorities and then develop strategies and options that clearly identify the business need, are commercially viable, are financially affordable, and are achievable.

As well as providing the information necessary to understand the benefits and costs of options, a good business case will assist project managers to understand the work that is necessary to prove a case for investment and implement the preferred solution.

Advisian has worked on a wide range of projects, both large and small, across all infrastructure sectors to design and implement efficient and effective business case processes that involve close scrutiny of all financial and nonfinancial aspect of a project. By using evidence-based information we ensure that a client selects the best possible solution for a given set of circumstances.