Advisian recognizes that our clients face an increasing number of challenges arising from:

  • Complex and changing local, national and international legislation and standards
  • Increasing stakeholder and community expectations
  • Continued resource and energy demands bringing large developments to emerging economies and frontier areas (e.g. arctic, deepwater, unconventionals, mining below aquifers, etc.)

Advisian consultants provide clients with leading environmental management and project approvals expertise. Our local/global team can assure compliance with local requirements, and corporate and international standards.

Core services include:

  • Environmental, social and health impact assessment
  • Approvals and land access
  • Community development and stakeholder engagement
  • Environment in design
  • Baseline and compliance monitoring
  • Environmental management and compliance (for construction and operations)
  • Environmental management systems: development, implementation and audit
  • Sustainability and corporate social responsibility
  • Environmental sciences/engineering – atmosphere, land, water, ecology, coastal and marine
  • Heritage surveys and assessments