Advisian offers a comprehensive suite of decision and risk analysis services, with a relentless focus on improving performance across the asset lifecycle.

From asset development through to operation and decommissioning, we enable our clients to respond to the diverse challenges and uncertainties that impact them today and in the future.

We assist with optimal strategy setting and decision making, through consideration and integration of the trade-offs which exist between financial and other performance such as water and energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and social license enhancement.

Our facilitated approach begins with the identification of strategic options, full spectrum of risks, and success drivers including technical, financial, and societal factors across the project life-cycle. We benchmark and simulate asset performance, including quantitative risk assessment. The fully monetised cost-benefit results are tested across input ranges and scenarios through our EcoNomics™ DELTΔ decision model. This provides transparency for alignment around decisions, commitment to action, and long-term profitable sustainability.

Challenges can become opportunities by understanding long-term trends in market and regulations, incorporating innovative technology and projects, enhancing management systems, and improving operations.

 Our core capabilities include:

  • Development and framing of strategic options, success criteria, and full spectrum risks
  • Benchmarking and simulation of asset performance including quantitative risk assessment
  • Cost-benefit analysis combining financial criteria with fully monetized sustainability and risk concerns
  • Innovation and technology integration to optimize capital, footprint, energy, water, emissions, and carbon
  • Enhanced economic and sensitivity analysis of options and portfolios using our proprietary DELTΔ™ software