Advisian Digital Enterprise work with our clients to realize the future of an advanced industry in which data and digital transformation has brought energy, resilience and new paradigms.
We solve our clients toughest challenges by applying technology, thinking and experience to the acquisition, management and visualization of data that connects the digital realm to the physical one.
Our platforms are built and delivered with extensive industry experience and the best technology options.
We combine our “digital asset for the whole-of-life” approach, with business and strategic thinking to deliver realistic, implementable solutions.

Delivering value through insights and innovation

  • Benchmark asset data management maturity and establish improvement roadmaps
  • Evaluate technology options and generate a business case
  • Establish master data governance framework and data models
  • Deploy integrated data and system environments for better capital project outcomes
  • Perform main information contractor role to fast-track start-up and optimise ongoing information management throughout a capital project
  • Deliver efficient build of master maintenance data through automation
  • Develop digital representation of an existing physical asset
  • Remediate large-scale asset data and establish a single source of truth
  • Establish predictive real-time asset health to drive proactive asset maintenance
  • Acquire and visualise geospatial data for better compliance and asset integrity management

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