At Advisian, we recognize that environmental and social performance is critical to meeting core business objectives, such as:
  • Maximized access to resources/reserves and production
  • Certainty of project delivery
  • Optimization of the full value of assets
  • Localization
  • Future proofed assets
  • Safe guarding reputation

Throughout the world, Advisian’s environmental and social teams are helping our clients:

  • Site, develop and operate facilities, wells, mines and infrastructure with sensitivity to environmental and social values
  • Engage with communities to build trust and enable them to benefit from developments
  • Gain project approvals in the least time and with practical conditions of approval
  • Achieve leading practice during design and construction
  • Demonstrate compliance with international standards
  • Seek opportunities to continually improve the environmental performance of operations
  • Plan for and execute decommissioning, progressive rehabilitation and restoration projects

Services include: