Advisian’s intellectual rigour and professional integrity is fundamental to our ability to provide valuable assistance to clients.

Our extensive experience with the analysis and resolution of problems affecting projects in turn increases our ability to assist clients with developing project and contract strategies that:

  • maximize the reliability of project outcomes
  • create contracts and contract processes which properly deal with the allocation of risks and responsibilities
  • create contracts which minimize the likelihood of disputes
  • create contracts which cause disputes to be quickly and effectively identified and resolved.

Our Contractual Services team provides advisory services across the entire project lifecycle. In the early stages we focus on the design of contract strategy as part of the overall project strategy. During and after project delivery we ‘trouble shoot’ and analyse problems encountered in project execution to ensure successful project outcomes.
Our core Contractual Services and forensic analysis services include:

  • contract strategy advice
  • preparation of contract documents
  • review of specifications
  • independent forensic analysis and expert reports
  • independent expert opinion regarding matters in dispute
  • opinion as to merit of claims
  • claim preparation
  • preparation of responses to claims
  • contract administration
  • contract management advice
  • contract negotiation advice
  • contract formation negotiation advice
  • dispute resolution advice
  • opinion and advice on delays and disruptions