Water resources management is no longer a one-off activity to find a water source and to maintain its supply. The industrial water-cycle now allows a host of opportunities to be explored and requires more advanced catchment management techniques, innovative water treatment and recycling methods, footprint reduction initiatives and efficiency.

Finding an optimum water supply that meets current requirements, and is sustainable over the long-term, requires a detailed understanding of hydrology, hydrogeology and catchment processes. The constraints and opportunities for water re-use and recycling alternatives must also be understood. Our consultants enable clients to make accurate, reliable and informed water resources decisions that are underpinned by expert knowledge in engineering sciences, water valuation, stakeholder and external factors and integrated technical solutions.

To meet global water demands, Advisian provides clients with the expertise, experience and vision to create sustaining solutions for their business.

  • Groundwater and surface water exploration and water source assessment
  • Water accounting and water trading
  • Water risk assessment
  • EcoNomics™ assessment
  • Integrated stakeholder engagement and approvals management
  • Regulatory risk assessment
  • Sustainable water supply modeling
  • Climate change management
  • Water resource planning and sustainable yields optimization
  • Surface and groundwater monitoring and modeling
  • Water system optimization
  • Compliance reporting
  • Cumulative effects modeling, monitoring and compliance reporting
  • Surface water and groundwater impact assessments
  • Water management frameworks