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Adam Aspinall



Phone: +617 3377 7070

Office: Sydney

My Experience

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Chartered Member, Institution of Engineers, Australia
  • Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors

Adam is a power sector specialist with more than 30 years’ experience in electricity generation, transmission, distribution, retailing and market trading across Australia and internationally.

As Advisian’s Power Sector Lead, Adam brings extensive experience with private and public sector organisations associated with the power sector including regulatory authorities, infrastructure owners, fuel supply companies and major contractors.

Adam’s in-depth knowledge of the sector includes practical experience with a wide range of technologies and energy sources including coal, gas, solar, wind and hydro-electric power stations. He is also experienced with the development and analysis of power systems including national electricity markets and remote power supply networks.

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My Expertise

  • Negotiation of fuel and energy supply contracts
  • Planning, development, operation and maintenance of electricity assets
  • Risk identification and management