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Adam Boughton

Adam Boughton

Regional Executive Manager, Sub-Sahara Africa


Phone: +27 (0)10 593 4017

Office: Johannesburg

My Experience

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Associate Diploma in Business Management

Adam is a professional engineer with a proven record of successful management of complex and challenging projects, providing consulting and advisory services and the management of expert teams in the delivery of asset optimization and engineering management.

He has extensive consulting, front-end engineering, PMC and EPCM project director experience developed through international leadership roles. Adam’s expertise is underpinned by operational roles for a leading Australian rail and ports transport operator, including maintenance management, engineering team management, delivering asset management strategies, contract negotiations, tender evaluations, due diligence reviews and project management/director responsibilities for multidisciplinary projects.

He has worked for clients and on projects in Australia, Republic of South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the United States of America.

Adam is a chartered engineer with Engineers Australia (CPEng), Registered on the National Professional Engineers Register (NPER) of Australia, Registered as an Asia Pacific Economic Corporation (APEC) Engineer, has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an Associate Diploma in Management.