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Bud Strandquest

Bud Strandquest

SVP, Hydrocarbons


Phone: +1 814 659 3334

Office: Houston

My Experience

Bud has over 17 years of national and international consulting experience in the Americas, Europe and Africa, mainly in the Energy Sector. He has spent the last five years in Western Canada designing and delivering operations and change management programs for leading Oil & Gas companies. He has also consulted in the chemicals, manufacturing and engineering industries. Bud is an executive level manager with extensive experience in operations management, capital project management, procurement/strategic sourcing, supply chain business process, transportation logistics, change management and continuous improvement/innovation/knowledge management.

Prior to his consulting career, Bud was an operations manager for a Fortune 100 manufacturing company in the steel industry and also founded a software company bringing proprietary, web-based collaboration technology to the market. He holds an MBA and Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.