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Chris Tehan



Phone: +61 3 9810 5700

Office: e29f4b0b-fb9e-422d-950d-e55a4bab90b2

My Experience

  • BE (Civil) (Hons)
  • Graduate Diploma Transport & Traffic Engineering

Chris is a transport and business case specialist with more than 23 years' industry experience in Australia, Asia and the UK.

He has vast experience in preparing business cases for the transport and urban development portfolio, including for some of Australia’s major transport infrastructure projects such as Melbourne Metro, East West Link, North West Rail Link and Sydney CBD Light Rail. He has also prepared business cases for several major urban development projects. He has also made significant contributions to Victoria's submissions to Infrastructure Australia since 2008.

He is regularly sought by governments for advice on transport, freight and urban development issues and strategic plans, including the Victorian Transport Plan and the Victorian Rail Freight Network Review.


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My Expertise

  • Transport and land use policy and strategy
  • Commercial and risk advice
  • Project development and facilitation
  • Project leadership and management

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