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Damon O’Brien

Director, Infrastructure UK


Phone: +44 20 8121 6212

Office: London

My Experience

  • BSc, PhD
Damon is director responsible for the business performance of WorleyParsons Infrastructure group based in the UK, but with wide international coverage. The group is based in three UK offices (London, Bristol and Leeds) and provides multi-disciplinary infrastructure support to the resource and energy sector customers of WorleyParsons. Within Advisian, the specialist consulting practice arm of WorleyParsons, Damon covers general infrastructure, water, environmental management, ports, geosciences (geotechnics and GIS), decommissioning and restoration.

Damon has extensive experience of leadership in the consultancy sector in markets including minerals and metals, hydrocarbons, power, waterfront development and leisure and tourism. He has developed multi-disciplinary consultancy teams to provide solutions for major and complex infrastructure projects. His wide-ranging geographic experience has contributed to his excellent knowledge of international markets, operating culture and regulatory environment. He has led the delivery of major infrastructure projects for hydrocarbon and mineral projects in many international locations involving Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA), transportation (rail, road, port), material handling, logistics, scheduling and construction services.

Prior to joining WorleyParsons in 2013, Damon was Senior Operations Director at URS (incorporating the former Scott Wilson Group) with responsibility for the Maritime & Ports Group covering Europe, Africa and Latin America. This entailed providing Pre-FEED and FEED services for oil and gas facilities, mineral dry bulk terminals, container terminals, waterfront development, dredging and reclamation, and fishery harbors and marinas. Before the maritime role, Damon was responsible for the Water Management and Coastal Business Unit within Scott Wilson with teams based in six UK locations. Strategic leadership of the business included coastal management and engineering (waterfront development, water quality) and water management (strategic flood risk assessment, water cycle studies and surface water management plans).