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Heather Warren

Global Chief of Staff


Phone: +44 208 326 5288

Office: London

My Experience

  • BBusSci Economics
  • MBusSci Economics
Heather is a highly experienced global management consultant predominantly in the resources and infrastructure sectors.

She has a background in economics with experience in leading and developing projects across a variety of international locations. Since joining Advisian in 2010 she has worked with clients and on projects across South America, Australia, Africa, and the Far East, delivering projects in accordance with local and international regulations and expectations. Her experience spans strategy, transformational change, business review and economic analysis.

In her role as Global Chief of Staff, Heather is focused on driving growth for the business.

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My Expertise

  • Policy and strategy
  • Economic analysis
  • Project planning
  • Transformational change
  • Technical due diligence