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Ian McIntyre

Principal and Global Lead, Contracting Strategy, Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution


Phone: +61 2 9495 0500

Office: Sydney

My Experience

  • BE (Hons1)

Ian has provided consulting services on a wide range of infrastructure, building and systems integration projects throughout Australia and Asia. His experience prior to joining Advisian (Formerly Evans & Peck) in 1987 was in project management and engineering in construction contracting. This involved major civil engineering and multi disciplinary resources, transportation, power and industrial infrastructure projects throughout Australia and in Hong Kong.

Ian is frequently retained in “trouble shooting”, independent review and due diligence roles and has considerable experience in analysis of the reasons for project delivery problems. As a result, he is particularly interested in promoting awareness of the factors which are typically associated with successful project delivery strategies leading to successful project outcomes.

Professional practice is divided between expert witness roles and advisory roles at the formative stages of projects.

He is graded as an Arbitrator and is an experienced expert witness, presenter and facilitator. He is a member of two Dispute Boards on major projects.

Specialties: Expert reports have related to project scheduling issues, project management decisions and processes, the effect of various events or factors on project performance, causation, delay, disruption, construction methods, productivity, loss of production, quality of work, contract administration, the cost and valuation of variations, the reasonable cost of work carried out, delay costs, project overheads, corporate overheads, loss of profit, and quantum of damages.


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My Expertise

  • Analysis of Delay and Disruption
  • Analysis of Project Risks and Delivery Problems
  • Causation Analysis
  • Commercial Analysis of Project Documentation
  • Construction Methods, Systems and Programs
  • Contract Strategy
  • Dispute Resolution Advice
  • Expert Evidence
  • Organisation and Staff Development
  • Productivity Analysis and Improvement
  • Project Delivery Strategies and Processes
  • Project Recovery Strategies