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James Harris

James Harris

SVP, Chemicals


Phone: +1 713 260 9614

Office: Houston

My Experience

Prior to consulting, Jim spent 11 years in the financial services industry where his work included business process change and implementation of business performance management systems.

James brings over 25 years of experience in senior level business improvement to his role. He has worked in numerous industries including oil and gas, pharma and manufacturing and has spent time in both domestic and international arenas, including South America, Asia, Europe, Russia, Australia and Africa. James has engaged with executives, senior management and implementation teams to build the kind of functional and communication structure necessary for mobilizing positive change within their organizations. He rigorously applies proven techniques and methodologies including project management, lean work teams, process flow analysis and reengineering. His consulting experience follows nine years as a corporate financial officer responsible for the coordination of all financial, reporting and information technology operations including financial due diligence for acquisition search and valuation, corporate growth and position for acquisitions. James holds a BS and MBA in Finance/Economics and a PhD in Business Management. He received a Certificate in Business Strategy from Cornell University and is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) and Process Excellence Network (PEX).

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My Expertise

  • Change management
  • Performance management systems