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John Sturrock

John Sturrock

SVP, Analysis


Phone: +1 713 260 9614

Office: Houston

My Experience

John has over 12 years of consulting firm experience combined with practical line operations responsibilities across multiple functions, including P&L responsibility. His proactive and entrepreneurial nature is demonstrated by his leading the development and market growth of new consulting offerings and organizational strategy in US and European geographies. He has deep functional expertise in product development, engineering/R&D, program management, operations, supply chain and business performance improvement.

Prior to joining Advisian (formerly MTG), John spent over 12 years with Celerant Consulting, in varying positions of increasing responsibility, which his last five years spent in vice presidential roles. John holds an MBA and Master of Science degree in Geophysics from Boston College. He also holds a BS degree in Civil Engineering from Worcester (MA) Polytechnic Institute.