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Juan Ramón Miguélez

Infrastructure Lead, Spain, Principal Consultant Environment and Society


Phone: +34 628 200 421

Office: Madrid

My Experience

  • BSc (Biology), MSc (Environmental Assessment and Management), MBA

Juan Ramón Miguélez has over twenty years’ experience conducting environmental assessments, managing teams and teaching graduates and postgraduates. He has a Master’s in Business Administration as well as a Master’s in Environmental Assessment and Management. He has played roles as consultant, owner’s consultant and lender’s advisor.  His work experience includes numerous industrial and civil projects in Spain, Africa and Latin America basically involving assessment, including risk and compliance, design, modeling and monitoring.  

He has knowledge of resource-based sectors, such as petroleum and mining; chemical and pharmaceutical plants; coal, gas, thermosolar, and wind farm power plants, and of infrastructure construction, such as linear corridors (roads, railways, channels, pipelines, power transmission lines) and port facilities.

His experience encompasses managing, advising or auditing projects to IFC Standards, IADB Standards and Good International Industry Practices. Juan Ramón provides project management of interdisciplinary and multicultural teams, business administration skills and offers technical expertise in biology and ecology.  He has acted as owner’s engineer undertaking coordination and licensing of industrial projects and undertaken project management of large international, multi-disciplinary environmental services and specialist teams.  Juan Ramón is particularly skilled in biodiversity and ecological risk assessment.

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