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Mark Cowan

Location Director


Phone: +60 3 20399779

Office: Kuala Lumpur

My Experience

  • MSc Petroleum Engineering

Mark has 25 years’ experience in upstream hydrocarbon developments covering the full lifecycle of development phases across a wide range of risk, safety and asset integrity projects including major offshore and onshore development covering both greenfield and brownfield developments with a focus on enhanced oil recovery, liquefied natural gas, deep-water and marginal field development.  

Prior to joining Advisian, Mark managed a range of consulting engineering firms and has extensive operational experience in both Europe and Asia Pacific.  He is currently the Location Director for the Advisian Kuala Lumpur Technical Consultancy Practice.  Mark is involved in a range of ongoing technical consulting assignments for clients with a functional specialization in safety engineering and operations implementation, including fire and explosion consequence modelling, asset optimization, advanced analysis and value engineering.

Mark is recognized as a highly experienced professional with a passion for results, a collaborative leadership style, client focused mindset and the courage to challenge engineering norms.