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Michelle Herbert

Practice Manager, Environment and Society (Resource Infrastructure), Sub-Sahara Africa


Phone: +21 (0) 21 912 3000

Office: Cape Town

My Experience

  • BSc (Hons) (Environmental Science)

Michelle is an environmental scientist and project manager in the fields of public and resource infrastructure, as well as nuclear and waste management in South Africa.

Her environmental management experience focuses on the successful management and execution of various environmental authorization processes, waste management, water use license applications and environmental management programs as required by environmental legislation for proposed and existing developments. These developments vary from linear activities such as road and pipeline projects to waste-to- energy, hydrocarbon and nuclear projects. These projects include public participation and sub-consultant management.

As an environmental project manager she has the experience to integrate environmental and engineering practices to ensure a holistic approach to project strategy development, planning and risk analysis, and the execution of projects.

As an environmental project manager she has been employed full-time to provide environmental advisory support and project manage various environmental projects at the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station (Eskom SOC Holdings Limited).  These projects vary from the sand and dredging management and development of the Koeberg Nature Reserve Management Plan to managing various EIAs.

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My Expertise

  • Integration of environmental and engineering practices