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Phil Penfold

Phil Penfold

Managing Director - Europe


Phone: +44 20 8326 5050

Office: London

My Experience

  • MBA

Phil is responsible for the strategy, operations and development of the Advisian Technical Consulting business in Europe. Phil is a motivated leader with a proven record of successful management of consulting practices, strategy development and implementation, business development and establishing and maintaining successful client relationships.

He has 30 years’ experience working with clients in the hydrocarbons and, more recently, infrastructure sectors and has held various roles in management, business development including global customer relationship management, proposal management and project controls. His most recent role was Regional Consulting Director role for Europe, Middle East and North Africa where he established the UK consulting business alongside the development of consulting across the region.

Phil established the UK consulting business based upon three key strategic fundamentals – networking, collaboration and people. The UK has harnessed deep technical knowledge in a broad spectrum of sectors, technologies and geographies developed from working integrally with a global mega-project hub and a network of specialist offices. Through Phil’s leadership it has collaborated with every region and worked on every continent around the globe supporting and providing opportunities to all business lines.

Phil has wide-ranging experience in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the hydrocarbons industry embracing projects executed in Europe, Middle East, Americas, Africa, Asia and former Soviet Union.

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