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Philip Burris

Technical Director Water Resources


Phone: +44 208 326 5000

Office: London

My Experience

  • MSc Hydrogeology


Philip is a Technical Director within Advisian; he is a chartered hydrogeologist with 25 years’ experience in consultancy. Major international project experience has been acquired in hydrogeology, water management and leading feasibility and impact assessment teams.

He has undertaken a substantial number of water and environmental studies for oil, gas and mining projects across Europe and the Middle-East Region. In 2012 he worked on BP’s Khazzan Tight Gas project in Oman and established the blueprint for the Advisian Total Water Solutions project model: using integrated hydrology, engineering, economics and project governance to achieve optimum efficiency (i.e. reuse), value and control of water in all its forms across the project. He has significant expertise in groundwater risk reviews and specialist inputs to major impact assessments and resource studies.

Related Expertise

My Expertise

  • Hydrogeology and aquifer characterisation of the Gulf region
  • Water resource supply and sustainability assessment
  • Water management for upstream oil and gas
  • Integrated engineering and geosciences of produced water management

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