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Roy Hunt

Global Service Line Lead – Decision & Risk Analysis / Principal


Phone: 403 978 9126

Office: Calgary (SW)

My Experience

  • MSc Water & Waste Engineering (With Distinction)
  • Professional Engineer, Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta, Canada
  • BSc Civil Engineering with Minor in Environmental Engineering

Roy has over 15 years’ experience in diverse geographies and industries, with particular experience in hydrocarbons and minerals. He is dedicated to improving project and operational performance through effective strategies and decisions which consider emergent risks and diverse success drivers.

He has a focus on innovation and understands emerging economies and industries where needs and challenges evolve quickly. Roy was part of the development and global implementation of our proprietary decision analysis framework and toolsets.

Throughout his career, Roy has lived and worked across the globe, particularly the Americas, Middle East, and Africa. Earlier in his career he worked in aspects of water resources with a focus on turnkey water projects, international development, and disaster relief.

Related Expertise

My Service Specialties

Sectors I Work In

My Expertise

  • Framing of strategic options and evaluation criteria
  • Enhanced cost-benefit analysis
  • Quantitative risk assessment and simulation
  • Sustaining capital and asset portfolio optimization
  • Efficient management of water, energy, and GHG emissions