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Steve Cooper

Hydrocarbons Manager (AUE)


Phone: +61 3 8676 3201,

Office: e29f4b0b-fb9e-422d-950d-e55a4bab90b2

My Experience

  • BEng (Hons) (Chemical),
  • DIS University of Loughborough 1992 – 1996, ICheme, CPEng),
  • Professional Process Safety Engineer
Steve is a chartered chemical engineer with over 20 years of experience in the offshore oil and gas and onshore petrochemical industries. His specialist fields of competence include concept selection, safety engineering, formal safety assessments, risk assessments and computer consequence modelling of hydrocarbon and toxic chemicals. His excellent knowledge of toxic, flammable and combustible hazardous materials stands out when looking for inherently safe solutions.

He has invaluable processing plant and operations experience from when he worked as a process engineer involved with numerous plant upgrades and part of start-up and shutdown teams. His involvement in offshore oil and gas activities has seen him complete safety engineering support as a member of design teams and involvement in facility upgrades and safety cases for mobile and fixed operations in the UK, Australia and Russia for various major operators.

Steve is an accomplished facilitator including HAZOP and HAZID techniques and was part of a team that taught these skills in public and private courses. His background also includes operations, pipelines (to AS 2885), accident investigation, land use planning, due diligence, human factors, transportation, chemicals, mining, minerals processing, gas distribution and power stations.