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Steve Perrens



Phone: +61 2 9495 0500

Office: Sydney

My Experience

  • PhD (Physics of infiltration and sub-surface flow)
  • MEngSci (Water engineering)
  • National College of Agricultural Engineering (UK) (Hons 1 and Gold Medal)

Dr Perrens is an environmental engineer with more than 40 years of experience in consulting and applied research related to water resource assessment, engineering hydrology, pollution control and natural resource management. In particular, Steve has extensive experience in hydrologic modeling for water resource assessment purposes.

He has consulting experience throughout Australia and has extensive overseas experience, particularly in Southeast Asia, including assignments for United Nations and other international agencies.

Steve is a recognised expert in water resources and catchment management and has over 80 technical publications in journals and conference proceedings.


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My Expertise

  • Water resource assessment
  • Modeling
  • Natural resource management
  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Stormwater harvesting and pollution control
  • Mitigation of climate change impacts