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Stuart Elliot

Senior Advisor


Phone: +1 780 278 4587

Office: Edmonton

My Experience

  • BSc
  • MBA (Japan-focused)
  • Certificate in Japanese Management (Japan America Institute for Management Sciences, Honolulu and Tokyo)
Stuart is acclaimed globally within Advisian/WorleyParsons for his expertise, insights and leadership in improving performance in brownfield projects.

His focus is strategic: improving the asset and improving how the asset gets improved. This perspective reflects the even split in his employment history: half on the owner’s side, half on the consulting side. Stuart brings four decades of industry experience in project selection, portfolio delivery, project management, annual capital budgeting, project controls, program management, operations, contract negotiation, environmental management, quality management and performance improvement.

He offers practical insights into improving the development, governance and delivery of brownfield portfolios, combined with leadership coaching for those involved in making it happen. These insights were gained largely in the hydrocarbons sector but the principles have been proven to apply anywhere multiple projects compete for scarce resources.

Stuart has been facilitator of choice in our North American region for alliance start-ups and is sought after to run strategy summits, project definition reviews, post-project reviews and alignment events of all shapes and sizes. His big-picture-first approach to sustainable performance improvement examines collaboration, governance, work processes, information flows and what he calls “capacity to improve,” with the pragmatic recognition that it all depends on leveraging the natural tendencies of ordinary people enabling them to accomplish extraordinary things.

Stuart has been formally recognized for his contribution to the development of the Full Value Index (a breakthrough tool for reducing value leakage from brownfield portfolios), receiving the John Grill Award for the Canadian Region. His engaging interpersonal style gets people thinking about new ways to deal with stubborn problems.