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Thierry Guny

Thierry Guny



Phone: +1 713 260 9614

Office: Houston

My Experience

Thierry has over 20 years of experience solving strategic and operational issues in oil and gas, chemicals and other industrial sectors. At Advisian (formerly MTG) since September 2011, Thierry has overall responsibility for structuring and selling performance improvement programs for clients in the oil and gas value chain. Before joining MTG, Thierry was Vice President at Schlumberger Business Consulting where he led strategic projects for major oil companies in Mexico and South America. Prior to Schlumberger, Thierry was Vice President, Analysis, at Celerant Consulting and also held various senior positions in Operations. Fluent in French and Spanish, Thierry has worked in multicultural environments throughout the Americas and Europe. Thierry has a mechanical engineering degree from ENSAM, Paris, France, and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

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