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Tomás Ostolaza

Principal Consultant- Study Director


Phone: +34 620 234 886

Office: Madrid

My Experience

  • BEng (Environmental)
  • MBA

Tomás has sixteen years’ experience conducting oil and gas environmental assessments, research and development in atmospheric pollution dispersion modelling, noise assessments, marine modeling assessments, meteorological assessments, assessment of air pollution effects on forests and environmental impact assessments for other industry sectors.  His experience has been recently extended to environmental risk assessments and development of environmental risk management tools.

He has principally worked on studies related to oil and gas projects, both upstream and downstream, power generation projects, mining facilities, oil and gas development plans, gas treatment facilities, liquefied natural gas facilities and oil and gas-related industries (eg, methanol, fertilizer and refinery industries).  In addition Tomás has been involved in nuclear power generation projects (conducting both radiological and non-radiological assessments during site selection, site evaluation and non-radiological environmental performance during operation).

Tomás’s modeling experience is focused on environmental and social impact assessments with extensive experience in air and noise environmental assessments utilizing numerical modeling. He has also participated as an environmental air and noise specialist for finance due diligence processes.