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Tracy Jacquemin

Environment and Society MMCHP


Phone: +27 11 218 3000

Office: Johannesburg

My Experience

  • Project delivery services
  • Project delivery
  • Development and optimization
  • Risk management

Tracey is a professional environmental scientist and environmental project manager who has perfected the art of managing environmental projects in the South African and African Landscape of the mining and renewable energy sectors. She is a professionally registered Natural Scientist with the South African National Council for Scientific Professions (SACNASP) PrSciNat 400163/12 and has an honours degree in Ecology and Environmental Conservation from the University of the Witwatersrand.

She has specialized in her field of environmental project management and has mastered the function of managing projects to ensure that the key objectives of all projects are met within budget and time constraints.

Tracey is experienced in writing environmental impact assessments and management plans, due diligence reports, environmental management system reviews, implementing environmental management plans and developing documentation for assurance processes such as water use licensing, waste licence applications and DAFF permits.  This experience provides her with a framework of knowledge in which to achieve successful environmental project management and management of environmental deliverables.

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My Expertise

  • Environmental project management
  • Regulatory processes
  • Assurance processes
  • ISO14001 development and implementation
  • Environmental risk management, optimization and closure