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Bernardo Meizoso

Electrical & IC Engineer Lead


Phone: +34 620 736 933

Office: Madrid

My Experience

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)
  • Master of Engineering (Electric Power System and Protections)
  • Master in Renewable Energy
Bernardo Meizoso is a power systems engineer with more than twenty (20) years of experience. He has a Master in Renewable Energies and has been working providing expert advice to the oil and gas industry and utility scale renewable energy projects throughout Europe, Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Asia Pacific. Bernardo is well-versed in the Grid Code requirements of the European countries as well as an in-depth understanding of the latest European requirements on emissions affecting power options for new facilities. He has experience working with computer simulation software for power system analysis (DigSilent) with which it has develop several surveys as load -lows, fault level calculation, transient responses, power system harmonics analysis, voltage and frequency ride through studies etc. Amongst other achievements, Bernardo has developed a suite of specifications for the design of HV/MV substations.

Bernardo not only has extensive experience working on high and low voltage electrical systems, he also has advanced knowledge in instrumentation and control which was developed in various projects, such as pipelines, terminals, oil storage tanks, and refineries.

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My Expertise

  • Renewable energy
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Power generation
  • Transmission and distribution T&D
  • Distributed generation
  • Power networks and smart grids
  • High voltage substation (GIS)
  • Energy efficiency
  • Solar PV installations
  • Medium and low voltage installation
  • Instrumentation and control (I&C)
  • Industrial plants