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Brad Fuge

Global Service Line Lead, Geosciences


Phone: +61 439 968 449

Office: Perth

My Experience

  • BEng (Civil) BCom (MGMT) MBA
  • MIEAust
  • NPER

Brad is the Global Service Line Lead for Geosciences, based in Perth, Western Australia. With 15 years of professional engineering experience, he has worked in engineering as well as in senior project and management roles across oil & gas and resources projects globally.

Brad’s experience in oil & gas has included roles in major projects, providing specialist consulting (environment and geosciences), technical leadership, project sponsorship, and project management, as well as assisting development from concept selection through to delivery phases across major projects.

Recent large project experience has included Geotechnical Lead for LNG Canada (FEED), Project Sponsor for multiple EMMP Environmental Monitoring Projects Singapore, Aurora LNG and Kami Iron Ore.

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My Service Specialties

Sectors I Work In

My Expertise

  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Geophysics
  • Integrating multi-sector offerings
  • Front end environmental and geosciences services for major project development

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