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Craig Robinson



Phone: +61 7 3377 7018

Office: Brisbane

My Experience

  • Master of Business Administration, Griffith University
  • MBA specialisation in Asset/Facilities Management from Master of Facilities Management, School of Construction Management & Property, Queensland University of Technology.
  • Master of Project Management, University of Southern Queensland, currently studying
  • Certified Practising Project Director (CPPD) and Member Australian Institute of Project Management,
  • Board Member Infrastructure Association of Queensland
  • Member Asset Management Council
Craig is a senior executive with more than 20 years’ track record of leading the successful planning, delivery and operations of complex infrastructure in the public and private sectors. His experience includes the planning and delivery of over $4 billion in infrastructure for the Queensland Department of Education and Training’s multi-billion dollar asset portfolio.

Craig specializes in providing strategic support and assurance to governments, CEOs, boards and clients by reviewing and enhancing the technical, financial and commercial performance of their infrastructure businesses, operations and transactions.

He has undertaken this work in Australia and Hong Kong in a diversity of industries including transport, utilities, hydrocarbon, construction, and social and government infrastructure sectors.

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My Expertise

  • Assurance services, governance, risk management, controls and compliance
  • Strategy, contracting models and risk allocation
  • Commercial management
  • Risk management
  • Asset integrity
  • Property and facilities management