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Dennis Finn

Global CEO



Office: London

My Experience

Previously the Vice Chairman and Global Human Capital Leader for PricewaterhouseCoopers International based in New York.
Dennis has a strong background in the areas of transformational change, global strategy and high impact "customer focused" interventions. His leadership combines significant global experience with strong commercial acumen. Dennis joined PwC in 2004 as a direct-admit partner in the Australian firm. He first served as the founding Consulting Leader and then as the National Advisory Leader for PwC. He went on to play major leadership roles, including that of Global Engagement Partner for Australia's leading telecommunications company, as well as Human Capital Leader for PwC Australia and the East Cluster, which includes all of Asia. In 2008 he led the largest global firmwide change initiative. Following this milestone project in 2009 he was asked to relocate to NYC to serve on both the US and Global leadership executive teams.

Prior to joining PwC, Dennis served as Chief Executive and Chairman to a number of businesses and has extensive experience playing key leadership roles in major multinational companies, including later being Chief Executive of his own consulting business. As a respected global leader and "thought leader" particularly in human capital Dennis has worked directly for numerous chairmen, boards and CEOs and is a sought after speaker by many international clients. His history and background includes operations, manufacturing, HR, marketing and general management coupled with multiple locations (UK, US, Australia, NZ, Asia). Dennis is recognized as a highly experienced global leader with a passion for results, a collaborative leadership style, a global mindset and the courage to lead major change.

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My Expertise

  • Energy
  • Social infrastructure
  • Transport 
  • Global strategy
  • Transformational change
  • Talent and culture development
  • Professional services
  • Business growth
  • Performance improvement