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Harry Houridis

Marine Science – Practice Manager


Phone: T+61 386 763 074 M +61 412 969 630

Office: e29f4b0b-fb9e-422d-950d-e55a4bab90b2

My Experience

  • BSc, MSc

Harry is a principal level marine scientist based in our Melbourne office and has over 25 years’ consulting experience having worked throughout Australia and overseas on a wide variety of marine based projects. Study locations have included estuarine and coastal and offshore marine locations throughout Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Bass Strait (including Tasmania) and South Australia. Key port study locations have included Port Hedland, Port of Fremantle, Port of Broome, Dampier Port, Port of Melbourne, Port of Geelong, Port of Hastings, Portland, Gippsland Ports, Port Kembla, Port Musgrave, Port of Weipa, Gladstone Port, Port Lincoln, Port Bonython, Port River (Adelaide) and Port Thevenard (Ceduna). Harry is a DSEWPAC approved sea dumping permit reviewer and has extensive experience in environment plans, the assessment of sea dumping permits and the environmental assessment of dredging and spoil disposal activities in the marine environment.

Since 1993, Harry has also undertaken and managed a large number of studies for oil and gas clients looking at environmental effects of upstream and downstream activities in the offshore environment. These have included seismic assessments, assessing impacts related to drilling activities, PFW discharge assessment and general operations. Harry is also involved in oil spill contingency planning and the design of operational and scientific monitoring plans to assess the impacts of offshore activities.   Clients include Woodside, Santos, Shell, Apache Energy, BHP Billiton, Origin Energy, Vermilion Energy, Eni and Repsol. Key study areas have included the Northwest Shelf, Carnarvon Basin, Browse Basin, Timor Sea, Bass Strait and the Otway Basin.

His fields of technical expertise include environmental and water quality investigation, and management of marine and estuarine ecosystems both in temperate and tropical ecosystems. Studies undertaken include those relating to intertidal and subtidal habitats including sediment quality, mangroves, seagrasses, soft and hard bottom reef habitat (including corals) and soft bottom communities. Harry has extensive experience in monitoring of sewage outfalls and industrial discharges, desalination plants, port and industrial developments including dredging and spoil disposal projects, beach renourishment, toxicity testing and bioaccumulation studies, harbor and boating facilities and general ecological assessments. Scientific expertise includes monitoring design, statistical analysis of data, data interpretation, ecological theory and the taxonomy and ecology of marine and estuarine organisms (including exotic species and pests) of Australian coastal waters.