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Jamie Silk

Specialist Advisor


Phone: +64 272 026 457

Office: New Plymouth

My Experience

BSc (Economics); ACA (ICAEW)

Jamie is a strategic new energy/ business innovation advisor and business case specialist with 25 years industry experience in the UK, New Zealand and leading global distributed teams. His capability is founded in a deep analytical ability to understand and simplify complexity, detail and emerging trends to plot the roadmap to a solution.

Jamie has previously led a power utility’s research and development team’s innovation for disruptive new energy technologies, created a successful technology start up collaborating with fellow founder science and engineering specialists, and headed product development of global high value clearing products for a leading international bank (including the strategic response to the Euro). Jamie’s expertise has been recognised in participation on a number of national and international expert advisory panels and working groups in the energy and finance sectors.

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My Expertise

  • Business cases and commercial strategy
  • New energy solutions (PV, I0T, storage)
  • Smart grids, electricity distribution & off-grid
  • EV infrastructure & integration
  • Digital business and consumer models

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