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Jonathan Keen

LNG Consultant


Phone: +44 (0)20 8121 1809

Office: London

My Experience

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical)
  • Member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers, Chartered Engineer
Jonathan has a strong technical background in LNG and gas processing. He has over twenty years’ experience of consultancy successfully executing studies progressing from the feasibility stage, through FEED to detailed design and into construction. In so doing he has gained an excellent in-depth knowledge of all project phases including construction, commissioning and performance testing.

Jonathan began his career in 1995 with M W Kellogg, as a process engineer on an EPC refinery project. This experience, coupled with his ability to work effectively with clients, gave him the opportunity to transfer into the Refinery Study Group. His ability and passion provided a career progression into ethylene studies which included a position on the European Ethylene Producers Committee. Since 2006, he has held the position of IChemE Fluid Separation Special Interest Group Secretary due to his expertise in fractionation and separation systems. Jonathan then progressed into gas processing and LNG becoming the LNG focal point representing the UK office at worldwide LNG conferences. He left M W Kellogg in 2007, holding the position of LNG/Gas Processing Senior Principal Technologist.

Jonathan joined WorleyParsons in 2007, bringing his experience of LNG to the company. Since 2007 the WorleyParsons LNG project portfolio has rapidly expanded with Jonathan involved in the vast majority of the London office liquefaction projects, taking on a main leadership role or providing valuable support as LNG consultant. He has an extensive technical knowledge of all liquefaction technologies, applying his technical expertise to the full range of liquefaction capacities for onshore and floating applications. With his vast experience in executing studies and FEEDs, coupled with comprehensive technical expertise in LNG and gas processing, Jonathan repeatedly brings value and success to projects in his role as LNG consultant.