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Laith Amin

Senior Vice President Digital Enterprise, North America


Phone: 847 691-7461

Office: Houston

My Experience

  • MBA
  • BA (Hons.) Economics

Laith has over 20 years of career experience in commodities, engineering and construction, with experience in corporate strategy (Booz Allen) and business development (Kiewit, WorleyParsons).

Laith’s broad cross-functional range of international experience includes time spent leading teams toward organic and inorganic growth in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. During Laith’s time in Dubai, he served as the retained energy expert for both Dubai One news channel and the Inside Business program and during his 5 years in Australia, Laith led the acquisition of over $4.2bn of engineering construction revenue in the energy sector. 

Laith earned a degree in Economics from the UK’s Leicester University in 1993, and later went on to graduate from Henley Management College with an MBA in 2004. 


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Sectors I Work In

My Expertise

  • Asset digitization
  • Fugitive Emissions Management
  • Cyber security
  • Software implementation
  • Aerial data management

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