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Laurie Pankratow

Principal Geophysicist, Manager - Geophysics


Phone: +1 780 440 5217

Office: Edmonton

My Experience

  • BSc, PGeoph (Alberta)
  • PGeo (British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Nunavut)
Laurie Pankratow is a professional geophysicist, with more than ten years’ experience designing, managing and executing a variety of geophysical projects within various sectors, including hydrocarbons, water, and infrastructure. Her experience includes the application of near-surface geophysics to contaminated site characterization, groundwater studies, geotechnical investigations, geohazard identification, resource exploration, bedrock characterization, oil sands tailings characterization and consolidation monitoring, and archaeological investigations. She has worked extensively throughout Alberta and northern British Columbia, as well as in Nunavut and Yukon Territories, California, Ireland, Spain, and New Zealand.