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Louise Porteus

Programme Director Environment and Society


Phone: +44 (0) 78 2456 0691

Office: London

My Experience

  • Bachelor of Town Planning
  • MSc (Development Planning)
Louise Porteus is the Program Director for Environment and Society in Advisian within WorleyParsons Group. She has extensive experience in infrastructure, natural resource and urban development projects worldwide with over 30 years’ experience in over 40 countries. Louise has a proven record in managing and project directing large, complex projects with regard to geographic location and technically diverse team composition. She has directed over 20 major infrastructure, natural resource and urban development projects with up to 120+ staff inputs across environment, social development and engineering sectors. Her focus is on front end ESIAs, resettlement action plans, community development and stakeholder management plans complying with international standards (Equator Principles and IFC Performance Standards). She also has experience in overseeing environment management and social development aspects of major projects through the project lifecycle – financing/lending, construction, operation and decommissioning phases.

Louise has an excellent reputation in project delivery (program management, financial management, report and project outputs and outcomes) both with key global clients and within consultancy organizations. She has worked extensively on projects in developing and emerging countries (including World Bank funded projects) with a strong interaction between urban and rural development and infrastructure design and delivery.

Recently Louise has been leading environment inputs into gas pipeline projects in Turkey – particularly the TANAP project where the focus was on environmental management during construction giving experience on the ground implementation of environment and social management plans.

Louise has extensive experience in Africa including in Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon (power and/or transmission), Uganda (oil and gas), Zambia (mining, hydropower and transmission), Angola (ports, industrial), Gabon (ports, industry and hydro), Mozambique (roads, rural development), Ghana (ports, urban development and infrastructure), Guinea (mining, rail, port), Mauritania (mining, rail, infrastructure) and Sudan (hydropower). She also has experience in infrastructure and industrial projects in Thailand, India, China, Yemen, Iran and the UK. Her development planning background has also been used to ensure that infrastructure and resource projects also facilitate economic benefits to local communities.